David Lough and Donald Sturrock with James Lee, readings by Geoffrey Streatfeild

Winston Churchill & Roald Dahl: Letters to their Mothers

Sunday 5th May : 10.30-11.30 

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Adult Event : £13.50  

Location: Consultus Marquee 

For most of their lives both Winston Churchill and Roald Dahl wrote regularly to their mothers, chronicling their schooldays, their youthful adventures, their war experiences and the high and lows of their social lives, marriages and careers. David Lough and Donald Sturrock have edited selections of both men’s letters to their mothers in Darling Winston and Love From Boy, and both volumes provide humorous and poignant insights into the lives of these remarkable men and their relationships. David and Donald will discuss the lives and letters of these two very different men, revealing their loving and sometimes frustrating mother-son relationships. James Lee chairs the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Actor Geoffrey Streatfeild (RSC, National Theatre) will read from Churchill’s and Dahl’s letters.

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