Eddie Armer

Life Drawing Workshops

Sunday 5th May : 10.30-12.00; 12.30-2.00; 2.30-4.00 

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Adult Event : £17.50  

Location: Streatfeild Room 

Eddie Armer, author of A Beginner’s Guide to Life Drawing and How To Draw Hands & Feet, will host a series of themed drawing workshops suitable for artists of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Guidance and practical advice on drawing techniques will be given. Materials are included (bring your own if preferred).

Workshop 1: Drawing the Figure in Proportion

10.30-12.00   £17.50    Streatfeild Room  

This workshop will explain how to draw the model in proportion and avoid some of the most common pitfalls. We will be working from life with a female model, to produce a series of drawings for you to keep.

Workshop 2: Foreshortening, the Illusion of Depth  

12.30-2.00  £17.50    Streatfeild Room

Capturing the foreshortening in a pose, will give your drawing depth and realism, but it remains a challenge for artists of all levels of ability. An understanding of foreshortening will be explained along with practical advice to help you develop your technique.

Workshop 3: Drawing a Portrait     

2.30-4.00   £17.50    Streatfeild Room

A few simple rules will be explained to help you capture a portrait from life and begin to understand the proportions of the head. You will have the choice of a male or female model for this workshop.