The Poetry Exchange

Is there a poem that has been a friend to you?

Saturday 4th May : 10.00-10.45; 11.00-11.45; 1:15-2.00; 2:30-3.15; 3:45-4.30; 5:15-6.00 

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Adult Event : £0.00 Free but ticketed 

Location: The Housekeeper’s Room 

You’re invited to book an individual slot to come and explore a poem that has been a friend to you, in conversation with The Poetry Exchange team. The conversation will take place in a warm and relaxed environment, over a cup of tea, with two members of The Poetry Exchange. Together, you’ll explore your chosen poem and the ways in which it has been a friend to you. In exchange, you’ll receive a gift: a special recording of your chosen poem, inspired by your thoughts and feelings about it. You can listen in to some these extraordinary conversations about Poems as Friends through The Poetry Exchange podcast:

Photo credit Keith Taylor