Hunter Davies with David Lough

Happy Old Me: How to Live A Long Life, and Really Enjoy It

Saturday 4th May : 3.30-4.30 

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Adult Event : £13.50  

Location: Baillie Gifford Marquee 

Happy Old Me is a moving yet uplifting account of one year in Hunter Davies’ life, navigating bereavement and finding hope in the future. Three years ago, Margaret Forster his wife of 55 years, lost her life to cancer. As Hunter discovers what it means to be single again, coping with bereavement and being elderly (he still doesn’t believe he is), he shares his wisdom and the lessons he has learnt. His book is a heart-felt tribute to the love of his life and an amusing and informative book about an age, and stage in life, which we might all reach someday. David Lough is the author of Darling Winston and No More Champagne.