Education at Chiddingstone Castle

At Chiddingstone Castle we have a hands on approach to learning where children and adults are encouraged to participate in activities relating to Denys Bower’s Collections and the historic house itself.  We offer a wide range of arts and crafts to entertain and capture the imagination of our younger visitors. These are available each day we are open and often include: a free spotter sheet with entry to the house; dressing up as a Victorian servant, a Japanese Samurai or an Ancient Egyptian: designing a Victorian peg doll; building a pyramid and writing in hieroglyphic magnetic symbols. The type of activities change regularly and all of the materials, instructions and information are provided free of charge in our Activity Room.

If you would like to book an Education Activity Day or Workshop or would like any more information, please get in touch by emailing Fiona Glossop, Education Officer at or send us a message via the contact box at the foot of the page.

School and Adult Education

Chiddingstone Castle is a treasure in the garden of England, located in the historic village of Chiddingstone between Edenbridge and Tonbrige. We offer a unique castle educational experience with school visits welcome throughout the year, giving exclusive use of the castle on weekdays during the winter months when it is closed to the general public and on a Thursday or Friday during the summer ‘open season’.  In addition to the special days/workshops outlined below, we also offer schools the opportunity to bring learners to the castle with a pre-booked teacher-led guided tour prepared by our Education Officer. The castle also offers learning opportunities for post-compulsory education students and adults, including object handling sessions led by the castle’s Curator.

Ancient Egyptian Activity Day

We pride ourselves on being able to offer children the Ancient Egyptian experience in a day’s activities which include hieroglyph writing, dressing up as a mummy, craft sarcophagus making and completing a special activity booklet. For years 5, 6 and above, we are now offering handling sessions with genuine antiquities from Denys Eyre Bower’s remarkable Ancient Egyptian Collection.  To enhance the day, there is an outdoor learning opportunity for children to experience ‘The Fields of Eternity’ which is an Ancient Egyptian grass maze, designed for school aged children to discover and explore the ‘wonders’ of this ancient civilization.

Victorian Activity Day

In the castle’s original Victorian Kitchen, Servants’ Hall and attic Servant’s Bedroom, children can learn from activities based around a Victorian and Edwardian ‘upstairs downstairs’ experience.  Butter patting, carpet beating and cleaning pots and pans are some activities, together with completing a special activity booklet.

Woodland and Plant Activity Day

Set within 35 acres of beautiful grounds, we are able to offer learning opportunities outside the classroom.  Teachers will be able to interact with their pupils in an informal learning environment with opportunities for team building and shared experiences, which are linked to many areas of the National Curriculum.

Arts Award Discover Workshop

The Arts Award Discover workshop is designed for school aged children to complete in a day.  The Discover award at Chiddingstone Castle offers school groups the opportunity to discover and explore the visual art collection of the Stuart Royal family, the intricacy of the Japanese Lacquer Collection and the vivid colours of the cloisonné bowls found in the Buddhist Collection.

Local History Workshop

The local history workshop gives the unique opportunity of offering a visit to the Community Archive Room which displays documents and maps of Chiddingstone Parish.

Teacher Information

There are adequate coach parking facilities. Necessary amenities can be found inside the castle. A generic risk assessment of the castle may be accessed on request. Disabled access is available to the castle and grounds. Charges for activity days above from £7.50 per child.



Chiddingstone Castle is delighted to be one of the current 14 special museums in Kent that form the Wheels of Time Group.  Why not join Roamin’ Rex on his mission to learn about Kent by following his trusty Wheels of Time map to all these fabulous places?  And guess what - you’ll pick up a Wheels of Time lanyard and one of the 14 exclusive badges to fix on to it along the way!

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Here’s James enjoying some Victorian hands on activities in the Castle’s Victorian Kitchen, as part of his Wheels of Time experience!

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