World-Renowned Collections

Five collections of art and antiquities, collected by one man and displayed throughout his historic house

Denys Eyre Bower

The Collections at Chiddingstone Castle are the work of one gifted collector of art and antiquties.

The Japanese Collection

Includes a world-renowned lacquer collections, armour and swords.

The Ancient Egyptian Collection

Includes shabti figures, a 5,000 year old funerary boat, jewellery and a mumified cat.

The Buddist Collection

Includes images of Buddha and bodhisattvas, embroidered tangkas and a Nepalese shrine

The Royal Stuart and Jacobite Collection

Includes portraits, letters, manuscripts, pamphlets and memorilia.

The Book Collection

A vast library of books which was opened to the public in 2015.

Chiddingstone Castle

Chiddingstone Castle is an historic house, set in 35 acres of Kentish countryside, filled with treasures collected over a lifetime by Denys Eyre Bower.

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