Royal Stuart and Jacobite

Denys Bower was fascinated by the Stuarts and the Jacobite cause, and was not only a member of the Stuart Society, but was rumoured to have thought himself a reincarnation of Bonnie Prince Charlie. His passion for the subject resulted in a fascinating, varied collection consisting of a number of high quality portraits, many prints and original royal documents, as well as numerous interesting relics and medals.

Some of the key features of the current exhibition are:

  • A segment of the heart, hair, blood and garter ribbon of James II
  • Two portrait miniatures of James II and Charles II by Samuel Cooper
  • Broadswords used in the Battle of Culloden
  • A drinks bill written to Prince Charles Edward (Bonnie Prince Charlie)
  • A number of artefacts with hidden Jacobite symbols including drinking glasses, snuff boxes, a pincushion and a compass

Information for researchers: Chiddingstone Castle is committed to providing access to its collections. Further information can be provided on request to

The Castle holds an extensive collection of Royal Stuart and Jacobite papers which can be made available to researchers on request:

  • Documents and letters signed by the Kings and Queens of the Royal family
  • Privy council documents (mainly Charles II)
  • Documents and letters signed by or dealing with the adherents of the Royal House of Stuarts
  • Manuscripts