Object of the Month

In this monthly blog series, our collections team write about their Object of the Month, chosen from our collection.

Samurai Armour

This skilfully made suit of samurai armour stands guard in our Japanese Room. It was originally made for the warlord Okochi Masatada, head of the Okochi samurai family.

Shabti of Ta-mit

This month’s object has just returned from being on loan at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It is a rare and beautiful shabti figure of ‘The Lady of the House’ Ta-mit, whose name translates as ‘Lady Cat’


This month’s object is a large shrine with an image of the Hindu deity Vishu in the centre. Read more here about the life of this object, discovered through Denys Eyre Bower’s handwritten label.

Amulet of Sekhmet

We open the 2019 season with this tiny amulet of the Ancient Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. This object was chosen from our Egyptian Room displays by our work experience student, Victoria Simpson.

Royal Oak plate

This glazed ceramic plate depicting Charles II hiding in an oak tree was a popular item for supporters of the Stuart family to buy in the 18th century.

Cuneiform tablet

This tiny clay tablet is part of a small number of cuneiform tablets in the Castle’s collection. It was made in the 6th century BC in Babylon, a kingdom in ancient Mesopotamia.

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