Object of the Month

In this monthly blog series, our collections team write about their Object of the Month, chosen from our collection.

Lacquer box with blossoms

Lacquer box with cherry blossom and inro Signed with red lacquer seal on the base 'Yasuyuki' Japanese, late 19th centuryRed and gold lacquer, shell, silver, ivory, bone, polished stone In celebration of Spring, April’s Object of the Month is this elaborately decorated...

Statue of Amun-Ra

This month’s object is a statue of the god Amun-Ra from our Egyptian collection. It was researched by our work experience student Harry Springett.

Chiddingstone Casket

Happy New Year and welcome to Chiddingstone Castle’s Year of Japan! To start our 2020 Object of the Month series, we have chosen the amazing Chiddingstone Casket. Discovered in an antiques shop by Denys Eyre Bower, it is a rare 17th-century Japanese lacquer casket decorated in the finest and most expensive techniques and materials.

Lacquer writing box

This beautifully made lacquer box for storing calligraphy brushes and tools has a design of a winter scene with old huts in a bamboo forest, surrounded by autumn and winter plants.

Portrait Miniature

This tiny enamel portrait is of Lucy Walter, the first mistress of King Charles II. She was the mother of the famous Duke of Monmouth. The bright enamel colours of this miniature are beautifully preserved.

Samurai Armour

This skilfully made suit of samurai armour stands guard in our Japanese Room. It was originally made for the warlord Okochi Masatada, head of the Okochi samurai family.

Shabti of Ta-mit

This month’s object has just returned from being on loan at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It is a rare and beautiful shabti figure of ‘The Lady of the House’ Ta-mit, whose name translates as ‘Lady Cat’

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