Object of the Month

In this monthly blog series, our collections team write about their Object of the Month, chosen from our collection.

Prayer Wheel

Each turn of this Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheel is believed to count as the repetition of many prayers. Prayer wheels are a key part of Buddhist practice.


Just in time for Christmas, our Object of the Month for December is this beautiful Japanese lacquer tea container with a stylised design of snowflakes.

Wrathful Guardian

Discover the story behind the wrathful Buddhist guardian depicted in this tiny gilt statue. Buddhist guardian statues are often frightening in appearance, but this is because their purpose is to ward off evil.

Picnic Set

Ready for heading back to school, September’s Object of the Month is this Japanese lacquer picnic set. It is decorated with luxurious shell pieces and sprinkled gold powder.

Mummified Cat

This month’s object was chosen, researched, and written about by our work experience student. It is a 3,000 year old mummified cat, which has always been a favourite of Chiddingstone Castle’s Ancient Egyptian collection.

Coconut Cup

Learn more about one of the most unusual objects in the collection here – a 17th century cup made from a coconut shell. The portraits of four key members of the Stuart royal family have been incised into the coconut, and it has been mounted in luxurious silver fittings.

Buddhist Ewer

The Object of the Month for June is this Buddhist ewer. Decorated in enamel and gilt, this ewer is covered in Buddhist symbols and imagery.

Figure of a Sokar falcon

This painted wooden falcon figure was buried in an Ancient Egyptian tomb in the Late Period (664-332 BC). Falcons which were included in burials represented one of the oldest and most important Gods of the Dead, Sokar.

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