Buddhist Collection

Sacred statues, ritual implements intricate paintings from all over the Buddhist world. 

The smallest of his four main collections, the Buddhist collection nevertheless held the most personal meaning to Denys. He identified as a Buddhist and collected objects that he considered beautiful from many countries throughout the Buddhist world, including Japan, China, Nepal, Tibet, Sri Lanka, and Burma. 

The displays in the Buddhist Room were updated in 2018 due to a water leak. All objects effected were conserved and no lasting damage was caused. The new displays not only focus on Denys and his interest in Buddhist art, but also the original sacred meaning and context of the objects. 

The latest addition to the room is a new mount for Denys’ thangka collection (Tibetan painted wall hangings). The mount uses magnets to display the thangka on the wall as it would have originally been displayed in a temple, whilst preventing any damage or alteration to the fabric. 


We are committed to providing access to its collections for students and researchers. For more information email curator@chiddingstonecastle.org.uk.