Fishing at Chiddingstone Castle

One of the many lovely experiences within the grounds is the fishing at Chiddingstone Castle lake.  Covering approximately 3.5 acres, the lake is naturally stocked with original wild Carp, Bream and Perch, and we welcome responsible fishermen – both young and younger – using only barbless hooks.  Please be aware that the grounds of Chiddingstone Castle are private and we ask that all our fishermen behave respectfully towards castle staff and other visitors.  Unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with through the appropriate legal channels.

We ask that fishermen under the age of 14 are accompanied and kept under close care at all times. Please read our Do’s and Don’ts below for a list of the few things we ask of our fishermen, helping us keep the castle lake as beautiful and unspoilt as it is today.

Opening Times and Prices

Fishing Season: The season lasts throughout the year without a break

Days: Every day throughout the year, unless notified on the website

Time: 7am – 6.30pm (Strictly no night fishing)

Day Permit (per person): £10* (Up to 2 rods) – no price change for 18 years!

During the Castle’s open season (Sundays to Wednesdays, April to October) the Tea Room staff are always pleased to provide fishermen with eat-in or take-away drinks, light lunches, homemade cakes and more.  There is an accessible toilet located in the Tea Room courtyard which is available for use by fishermen on days when the Castle is open to the public.

(* Free if under 14 and accompanied by an adult purchasing a day permit)


Dates when fishing will be unavailable: We regret that fishing on the lake will not be available on Sunday 25th June 2017 (Summer Vintage Fair) or Sunday 10th September 2017 (Country Fair).

Do’s and Don’ts

We ask that our fishermen follow only a few rules in order to ensure that our lake stays safe and enjoyable for all, and is not left dangerous for our wildlife. Please follow them and have a great day.

Please DO:

  • Be in possession of a valid fishing licence - you may be asked to show this on the day
  • Use barbless hooks
  • Always use a landing net
  • Use an unhooking mat (for larger fish)
  • Take away your rubbish including broken line. We provide a green bin in the car park for this purpose
  • Keep a very close eye on any children with you, especially those under 14
  • Tell us if you see any fish snagged on broken line or stray gear and we will free them

Please DO NOT:

  • Fish from the bridge
  • Use a keep net
  • Fish out of the permitted areas (south of the bridge and on the village side of the lake – please ask if you are unsure of the correct areas)
  • Dress inappropriately - fishing without a shirt is not permitted at the castle
  • Light a barbecue or open fire anywhere in the grounds of the castle
  • Leave pets in the car on hot days. ALL pets must be kept under strict control at all times
  • Leave any tangled gear in the trees or in the water (please let us know if you need help clearing this)

The castle reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the grounds who refuses to comply with the above rules.

Fishing permits can be purchased at Chiddingstone Castle by paying on the day.