Please note although we allow fishing on the Lake all year round, there are a few exceptions. Please no fishing on the following dates in 2018:

15th June

9th September

Chiddingstone Castle lake covers approximately 3.5 acres and is naturally stocked with original Carp, Bream and Perch.

Our lake is open to responsible fishermen everyday throughout the year between 7am - 6.30pm. We ask that anyone under the age of 14 is accompanied by an adult and that all fishermen behave respectfully towards Castle staff and other visitors.

Individual day permits cost £10 (up to 2 rods) and under 14s are free.

We ask that all fishermen follow a few rules in order to ensure that our lake stays safe and enjoyable for all.

A few rules


  • Always be in possession of a valid fishing license as you may be asked to show this on the day
  • Use barbless hooks
  • Always us a landing net
  • Use an unhooking mat for larger fish
  • Take away all rubbish and broken lines. There is a green bin you can use in our car park.
  • Keep a very close eye on any children with you
  • Tell us if you see any fish snagged on a broken line or stray gear

Please do not:

  • Fish from the bridge
  • Use a keep net
  • Fish out of the permitted areas (south of the bridge and on the village side of the lake)
  • Fish without a shirt
  • Light a barbecue or open fire anywhere in the grounds of the Castle
  • Leave tangled gear in the trees or in the water
  • The Castle staff reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the grounds who refuses to comply with the above rules.

Chiddingstone Castle

Chiddingstone Castle is an historic house, set in 35 acres of Kentish countryside, filled with treasures collected over a life time by Denys Eyre Bower.

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